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Welcome to INTERNAF, the INTERnational Network of Ataxia Friends,
where you will find information on understanding Ataxia, the diagnosis, it's symptoms and ways to live better with Ataxia.
You will also find links to the various Ataxia research efforts.

Most importantly this website will help you identify many of the connections to other Ataxia resources: websites, Facebook and Email-support. Our INTERNAF Email group, to be found under the "Network" tab or by using the shortcut in the upper left corner of this page, has been running since the year 2000 and now has almost 700 members. We invite you to join and participate in this all-inclusive Ataxia group. If you have problems joining, please contact our postmaster.

Ataxia research starts with organizations that are advocating, collaborating and financially supporting research for the various Ataxias and we urge that you to support them by fundraising or personally donating to your favorite Ataxia research organization.

In the USA our suggestions are FARA and the National Ataxia Foundation.
Look at our "International" page for our world wide suggestions.
If you know of others please let us know and we'll be happy to add them.


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Internaf - International Network of Ataxia Friends, the website and mailing lists are maintained by volunteers who either have some form of ataxia themselves or have a family member with an ataxia. INTERNAF was created in 2001 by Michel Beaudet and run by him until his passing on November 19, 2014. We dedicate this site and the helpful information in it to his memory.
Information compiled here comes from many different sources and Internaf and its moderators cannot be held responsible for any misinformation. Always consult a medical professional BEFORE undergoing any of the treatments you see here. Feel free to copy and print any info to help educate doctors on new treatments/therapies.

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