Other online support groups

FA Parents Group

Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance (FARA)

Younger people with Ataxia (FAYP)
FAYouthGroup (under 25)

General Ataxia Online Support Group (u_r_notalone)

ICI- Internaf Chat & Inspire

Ataxia Sexuality list (Over 18's only)

Spouses of Ataxians

@ctiveTeen is a new site for teens with disabilities

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Ataxic Parenting Mailing List
These are also other groups for parents with disabilities:

More Chats!

MJD/SCA3 Online Support Group

Kids Stuff

MSA Online Support Group

MDA chats (eg. FA chat tuesday 7-9pm est)

Discussion forum for OPCA/Ataxia support

Ataxia Chat 2002

ENAF Chatroom

ENAF Bulletin Board

Walking With Ataxia