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Come join us for FA hangouts! Once a month the FARA Ambassador Program hosts a series of online hangouts for people with FA to talk to each other for an hour and a half. We pick a topic that will be relevant to people in the FA community. Topics include things like exercise and fitness, setting and pursuing your goals, or clinical trial participation. Sometimes we invite guests from the community to share their experiences and personal expertise.

We like to keep a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the hangouts. We have plenty of regulars, and there are always new faces, as well. You can come in with lots to say or just sit back and listen to other people's stories. FA may be rare, but the hangouts are a great opportunity to connect with people you wouldn't otherwise get a chance to meet. We get people from all over the world who can all relate to each other's experiences. We laugh, we connect, we hang out, we learn from and about each's a lot of fun!

Just give it a try!