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Internaf Posting for Newbies :)

To send a message to the whole group you have to send it to the list address:


To reply to a message someone posted you would click on "reply" or "reply to all" in your software. "REPLY" will only put the original poster address in the "To:" field while "REPLY-ALL" will also put the list address in the "Cc:"field.
If the internaf list address does not appear in the heading of your email in the "Cc :" field then you can add it.

You may also choose to add other recipients by putting their email address in the "Bcc:" (Blind carbon copy) field. This way internaf list members won't see their email addresses which respects their right to privacy.

To: johndoe@aol.com
Bcc: internaf@yahoogroups.com

This would go to everyone subscribed to John Doe as well as a copy going to Internaf.

Instead of having to remember and type out full email addresses when composing email, most people use "nicknames" or "address books" which are available in most email software packages.

In the above examples you could have set up nicknames as follows:

To: JohnD
Bcc: Jane

You only have to set these nicknames up once in your address book and associate them with the full email address.

Please read the posting guidelines at http://internaf.org/network/somedos.html
They're not long and will help you be a better post'er on Internaf.

I hope this is helpful if not please feel free to ask for more help.