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Some Do's and Don'ts
(updated 7-31-2007)

We, the list managers don't like imposing with lots of rules and regulations, but with the number of subscribers we have, it has become necessary in order to ensure the smooth running of the lists which have become a valued part of many peoples daily life.

Please take a few minutes to read the following and if you have any questions write any us at internaf-owner@yahoogroups.com

REMEMBER: Belonging to a group holds a bit of responsibility to all the other members....think before you click that send button! This is good, Socrate's Three Filter Test, http://alampuntomyfeet.com/thyword/socrates.html

Do's and Don'ts for INTERNAF

- Do not block (in your mailer) any of the moderators or you will be unsubscribed. We need to be able to reach you in case your account causes problems, there are changes to your subscription, etc.

- Please do not send large attached files such as photographs or web pages. The server will refuse them. This is due to the danger oùf propagating viruses via attachments. You can send URL's instead of the entire web page;

- Please do not send chain letters (letters that ask you to forward it to others). No matter how sweet it looks;

- Please do not send jokes, poems, political stuff, publicity, virus warnings or any trivia that is non-ataxia related (they do not belong on this list). Original material is acceptable in moderation. An internaf sub-list fills some of this gap: ICI (INTERNAF Chat & Inspire) at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ICI/; . If you have problems with viruses or spam, go see our Virus, Spam, Popups and Spyware Info Page

- Please do not flame (insult, badmouth) or use foul language on this list;- Please do not reply publicly to, or include in your posts, a privately sent message, unless the sender gives you permission AND you think it would be of interest to other members;

- Please do not include the full message you're replying to. Include only enough lines so that we know what your reply pertains to. If you don't know how to edit your posts, go see -.-> here <--;

- Try to put in a subject that reflects your post. Members often decide to read or not a post depending on its subject;

- Please do not send private mail via Internaf. eg:

Well said Sally, I agree with you.


Dear Mary,

I've lost your e-mail address and I don't think your e-mail is working so I'm sending this via the Internaf address......


Thats a nice photo of you on the gallery


Hi Billy, I've got e-mail now. Are you there?

etc. etc. etc.

Please try to remember that every e-mail you send to Internaf is sent to every subscribed member (more than 500 people). We believe that the majority of our membership joins this mailing list to receive information relating to Ataxia. When they find their e-mail "in box" gets filled with personal trivia, only relevant to a handful of members, they leave and may miss an important announcement. This is not to say that we do not recognise the value of friendship and support given to Ataxians here. Exchanges of hints or tips about coping are always welcome. Also, many subscribers, from outside North-America, have to pay their connection by the minute or by the kb's downloaded.

All we ask, is a little common sense and concern for other


If you subscribe to INTERNAF, then there is no need to also subscribe to INTERNAF-NEWS since everything that gets posted on the NEWS list is also posted on the main list. In addition, should there be a particularly important breakthrough we will not wait until the next edition of the newsletter to inform you but you will receive the information at the same time as those subscribed to INTERNAF.

- Write an introductory message when you first subscribe.

- Don't be afraid to ask questions.

- Remember to change your subscription to nomail if you are going away. It is likely that your mailbox will soon fill up and any further e-mails sent to you will just bounce back to the list owners.

- Try to be tolerant and remember your computer has a delete key.

- Please do share information if you think it will help others.

A final note:

If a user is found to abuse the list by not following the rules clearly explained in these "Do's and Don'ts for posting on the list", the user will be issued a first reminder asking him to stop the unwanted behavior. If this is ignored, a second and final reminder will be issued clearly stating that next time, they will be moderated and possibly in last resort unsubscribed and banned and will need to email us to be allowed to resubscribe.

The moderators

How to edit your posts

How to Copy (Cut) and Paste or simply delete (once learnt, never forgotten)

1. Highlight: Position the mouse pointer at the top left of the text you want to remove or copy. Press down the left mouse button and whilst holding it down drag the mouse to the bottom right of the text (or hold down the shift key and move with the arrow keys). This should highlight the text to copy (cut);

2. Copy (Cut): Whilst the mouse pointer is over the highlighted text click the right mouse button, or use the 'Edit' menu at the top left of your browser, and select 'Copy' or Ctrl-C (or 'Cut' or Ctrl-X);

3. Paste: You can Paste what you copied, or cut, in another application ( like from word to your email) by placing the cursor where you want to insert it then click the right mouse button and select (or use the 'Edit' menu at the top left of your browser and select 'Paste' or Ctrl-V);

4. Delete: You can delete the highlighted text by simply pressing on the delete or backspace keys.