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What is the difference between Internaf as single emails and the digest version?

"I'm thinking of unsubscribing because I can't keep up with the volume of mail coming into my inbox but I still want to keep in touch with the group... what should I do?

I receive this sort of comment a lot... if this sounds like you then I suggest you switch to the DIGEST version.

My suggestion to switch invariably leads to the following questions. Read on for everything you always wanted to know about the DIGEST but were afraid to ask. :-)

Q. "What's the difference between the NORMAL and the DIGEST version?"

A. The difference is strictly in the format all the information is presented. With regular Internaf subscriptions you receive your emails immediately after they are sent by individual subscribers. With the DIGEST version, these individual emails are saved up and then bundled together into one larger email which is then sent out to all DIGEST subscribers.

Q. "What is on the DIGEST version that is not on Internaf?" (or vice-versa)

A. Nothing. The content is the same. All postings which appear through regular Internaf will be included in the DIGEST version.

Q. "How often will I receive the DIGEST version?"

Once a day.

Q. "What are the advantages of DIGEST version over the regular Internaf subscription?"

A. Many people find the DIGEST to be more convenient for them to manage.

1) You receive one email that is easily identified as coming from DIGEST version rather than as many as 20 per day from the regular Internaf subscription.
2) You can scroll through the DIGEST quickly to find anything of interest and delete it or save parts of it as needed.
3) You can save all the digests in one folder and use it as a database to run searches against.

Q. "What are the disadvantages?"

A. There are several but these should be weighed with the advantages depending on your needs.
1) You will not receive your DIGEST version mail immediately, you have to wait until the day is over for to‚ be sent to you.
2) Since the Digest is a very large email, replying to something contained within it is cumbersome. We don't recommend that you hit reply and include the entire digest in the body of your reply. If you want to reply to an individual item and quote parts of it, you will have to cut and paste to a new email.
3) If you only want to save items of interest you will again have to cut and paste and either save in a folder in your email software or in a word document.

Q. "If I'm subscribed to the DIGEST, how do I post a note to Internaf?"

A. The same way you do on the regular Internaf subscription. To post you must address an email to: INTERNAF@groups.io

Q. "How do I switch to the DIGEST version?"

A. Address an email to:

Q. "How do I switch back to the NORMAL version?"

A. Address an email to: