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The international name for this disease is Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia. It is part of the big family of spinocerebellar degenerative hereditary diseases in which the pathologies are somewhat intermediate and hard to differentiate especially in what is called the "complicated" form. However, the "pure" form of S-L is increasingly better known. Many studies are currently undertaken to better understand the main one, SPG4.

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The disease of Strümpell-Lorrain

Strümpell-Lorrain Association

This spinal, and sometimes cerebellar, degeneration is clinically a part of cerebellar ataxias. That is why in France, we created a federation with the goal to unite all the European organizations (SCD EURO). Concomitantly, a medical network on spinocerebellar degeneration is being created.


Philippe Grammont
7 D rue des Granges
F-25000 Besançon

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logto afafFor Friedreich's Ataxia and another one

CSC : French association for cerebellar diseases.

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logo ABAFhttp://www.ataxie.be/

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Deutsche Heredo-Ataxie-Gesellschaft. e.V.
Haußmannstraße 6
70188 Stuttgart
Telefon: +49(0)711 - 21 55 114
Telefax: +49(0)711 - 21 55 119
e-mail zur DHAG

Friedreich Ataxie FörderVerein e.V.
Am Heckenacker 9a
D-85652 Pliening
Telefon: +49(0)8121-410723
e-mail zur FA-Förderverein

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logo HEFAHellenic Friedreich’s Ataxia Association,
Ελληνικό Σύλλογο για την Αταξία του Φρίντριχ

 Greek FaceBook group

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logo aisahttp://www.atassia.it/



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Federación de Ataxias de España (FEDAES)

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logo achafAssociation suisse(CH) de l'Ataxie de Friedreich