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http://www.houseofcanes.com/ (beautiful)

http://www.fashionablecanes.com/ - The largest selection of walking canes & walking sticks available for purchase anywhere! Many different fashionable designs in many different woods and materials.

http://www.collector-canes.com - Walking Canes, Seat Cane, Walking Sticks, Hiking Staffs and walking cane accessories.

http://www.ccetc.com/Walking_Sticks/walking_sticks.html - Artists made

http://members.tripod.com/~canes4u/ - Handpainted Canes With Personality (A portion of each cane sale will be donated to Dystonia and Parkinson's Disease Research).

http://www.whistlecreek.com/classerwalst.html - Walking and Hiking Sticks

http://www.britishaccents.com/britshoppe/walcanandsti.html - Specializing in quality walking canes, hiking and walking sticks, and restful seat canes.

http://www.canebuddy.com/ - CaneBuddy ® is an attractive holder specifically designed to keep your cane or walking stick upright and within sight and easy reach at all times.

http://www.stylestick.com/cs.htm - These are lucite, filled with flowers or ribbons. Cane shaped

http://www.art-centre.com/canes.htm - Our canes are really linear sculptures.