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Health/Science/Medical/Neuro Publications:

Neuroscience-Net   is a major new scientific journal published in electronic-only format on the World Wide Web. The articles you see here will contain some of the most exciting neuroscience research data in existence. Subscription is free.

Neuro Sciences on The Internet.

The Neuroscientist Online.

New England Journal of Medicine 

HEALTHFINDER  A gateway site to to help consumers find health and human services information


Another MEDLINE link

NIH Health Information Page 

HospitalWeb  Here you'll find a hotlist of U.S. hospitals that have pages on the WEb providing information for patients medical researchers adn physicians to learn more about a wide variety of hospitals nationwide.

The journal Science 

Caregiver Support  at Harvard

Internet Mental Health


Health on the Net  (Switzerland)

Useful links  esp to online Medical dictionaries

Understanding Panic Disorder

Women's Health America  in Madison, Wisconsin.

Disability Publications

"Abilities" Magazine  Canada

The Boulevard  is a Disability and Healthcare site dedicated to providing valuable information about quality products and services available to Healthcare professionals and individuals with disabilities.

?ccd?  review of Rawnie's book

Dis-Abilities  "Check it out," 

Institute on Independent Living 

New Mobility Magazine 

NON CHEW Cookbook 

"On a Roll"  Talk Radio on Life and Disability

Project dERE, the disABLED Electronic Resource Project Inc, collects old, obsolete, and used computer equipment from corporations and individuals across the US and Canada fixes it up and distributes it free to disABLED folks all over the North American continent.

Reach Out Magazine Online  Full Featured Publication and INTERACTIVE Website. Helping people with disABILITIES meet others

Reference Service Press  Financial Aid For The Disabled And Their Families

Directory  "How to buy the "Directory of Grants For the Disabled"

A list of newsletters and magazines for the disabled