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Independent Living Products provides ADL (Aids for Daily Living) products, DME (Durable Medical Equipment), adaptive equipment, home automation and mobility equipment for people with physical challenges by integrating themselves into a wide variety of healthcare-related organizations; extending healthcare into the home and workplace.

family mobility

Family Mobility provides complete solutions for your mobility needs.  We offer a full line of major brand mobility products including top of the line scooters, electric wheelchairs, lift chairs, and accessories. Along with a wide variety of ramps, we have what you need to enjoy your mobility again.

Clothing & various equipment designed by people in wheelchairs for people in wheelchairs.
Canada and the US is: For Germany and Europe:

SpinLife Walkers, Wheelchairs, and Mobility Aids

Miscellaneous Disability Products


Offset Door Hinges for wider doorways ($25 for a pair Hope this helps)

Screen readers (TTS) and magnifiers

Word autocompleter

Unobtrusive clipboard enhancer (mac)

iPaste keeps frequently used phrases and images a keystroke away. iPaste is a tool to make clippings (e.g. pieces of text, images, PDFs, etc.) that you commonly paste into applications easily accessible via HotKeys and a contextual menu.

Voice Recognition Software

Dragon NaturallySpeaking and IBM ViaVoice

Heavy-Duty toilet Seats


Service Dogs

Delta Society have a National Service Dog Center

Canine Companions for Independence Their site says that they provide dogs "practically free of charge"

Paws with a Cause

Non-chew Cookbook

Here are some sites that might offer you some clothing choices.

More Adaptive clothing links:


Bathlifts and another 

Urinals M/F


Miscellaneous Disability Resources

National Institute on Life Planning Home Page

Two sites dedicated to web access for the disabled. Site One   Site Two

For almost all/any disability related question, this is a great site:

The Institute for Independent Living.

Disability resources for Canada and the USA:

EnableLink, Canada

Info about adaptations for living with disabilities.

Tetra Society of North America (creates assistive devices for people with disabilities)