Research reports and Clinical studies

Antioxidant Therapy in Inherited Ataxias by Massimo Pandolfo, 03/25/2008

Symposium in France  paper on yeast and iron regulation

NIH Press Release  Study May Reveal Clues to Friedreich's Ataxia

Diabetes and DNA 

SCA6 research  

Nerve regeneration 

Remyelination  Progress Reported

Carbohydrate deficient glycoprotein disorder  a metobolic defect with numerous manifestations. For relatively complete information, please refer to the Online Mendelian Inheritance Database at this address.

uro Implant Program 

Clinical investigation of deep brain stimulation for treatment of tremor  (from Baylor)

US gov't approval of implant for control of essential tremor.

UF Researchers perform first nerve tissue transplant to treat a man with Spinal Cord injury

NIH News Release  Vice President Gore to Launch Free Access to World's Largest Source of Published Medical Information on World Wide Web

NIH Press Release: Study May Reveal Clues to Friedreich's Ataxia

NHGRI Web page  Statement of Francis Collins on President Clinton's Announcement to End Genetic Discrimination in Health Insurance Genetic Discrimination in Health Insurance

Currently mapped genes  Jan-97

Iron Overload Diseases Association   (IODA), e.g. hereditary hemochromatosis

Further Clinical Studies

Dominant Ataxias

Friedreich's Ataxia