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Although stem cell therapy has a few practical applications and has considerable promise, commercial clinics that offer it to the public should not be regarded as credible. [Barrett S. The dark side of stem cell therapy. Quackwatch, June 19, 2006]

Baylor Medical Center   -- Neurology

Baylor Medical Center  
Collection Of DNA/RNA Tissue For Neurodegenerative Disorders

Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center

Harvard Neuroweb Forum

link 138  more harvard

Lexicon Genetics' Web Page

Karolinksa Institute   
Nervous System Disorders (a great collection of links)

Murdoch Institute:  FA research in Melbourne, Australia

NIH Clinic Center 

Office of Rare Diseases  National Institute of Health

UCLA  Neurology

University of Chicago  Neurology Clinics

University of Indiana 

University of Minnesota  Neuroscience

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