Bulk Idebenone Pricing

From: pkonanz@prodigy.net
Subject: Idebenone Powder (25g) and 9x500mg Caps

For anyone interested in bulk or pre-capsulized idebenone:

Back in April I shared I had secured a special deal from Bulk Nutrition for idebenone. Well, the person left and the company was bought out so recently when an order was attempted the price quote had gone up. This morning I consumated a new (and better) deal with a very nice young woman named Jessica that will give free shipping and a 20% discount at any order volume to anyone who use the code FA08. Below is the Email from Jessica on terms and process.


I have had one sample of Bulk Nutrition's idebenone tested for purity and it came back good. I believe there may be other lower priced idebenone suppliers out there but I have no independent testing data on any other bulk supplier. Bulk idebenone may be taken mixed in food, or you can have it put in capsules by a local pharmacy (most require a prescripton I understand).

Kirkman Labs also offers pre-capsulized (150mg) idebenone . http://www.kirkmanlabs.com/

The recent Phase II FA-idebenone findings that idebenone efficacy increases up to 40-50mg/Kg drove me to this investigation.


ps: Feel free to forward this to any other group you think might benefit.
pps: I'm getting the same deal, no extra benefits for the Email. ;-)


From: Jessica DeAndrea - Special pricing for Group

20% off any size purchased & Free shipping
(Repeat orders to this email please (JDeAndrea3@aol.com) - must put FA08 in comment section to get discount). Have them call the first time (see below) to set up the first order then after that all they have to do is email me and I'll place the order for them.

Idebenone is a prohibited item to import into Canada.

Thank you

Jessica DeAndrea
Toll free: 800 975 8125 Ext. #1
Fax: 336 567 0506