Members of NAF in California THANK each of the presenters at this year's 2004 "All California Ataxia Research Meeting".

A little known fact about each of the presenters at this year's "ACARM3" is they all donated their own time and skills free of charge to help educate our group! Each of the presentations they gave were specifically tailored for our group and worked on by each individual doctor during the course of their research. We are truly thankful for their efforts. Here are some pictures of the meeting below.

Crowd begins to assemble. There were over 130 attendees of concerned people associated with Ataxia!

Dr. Richard Ivry Master of Ceremonies this year’s ACARM3 talks briefly about his cerebellar cognition program at UC Berkeley.

A schedule of the speakers for the day, ending with a Question an Answer period.

Dr. Steve Nowicki of the UC Davis Medical Center “MIND INSTITUTE” updates us on FXTAS, which involves older men and Mental Retardation and Ataxia.

I’m sorry we did not get any better pictures of Dr. Vicki Wheelock also of the UC Davis Medical Center as she updates us on the “Update on the Genetics of Ataxia”

My apologies also go out to Dr. Susan Perlman the Director of the UCLA Ataxia Center, we only got a picture of the back of here head as she gave her presentation on “Review of Anti-oxidants and their Role in Genetic and Non-genetic Ataxias”


Dr. Allen Christian demonstrates to the crowd how the DNA Helix works as he gave his presentation on “siRNA in Mammalian Cells & its Implications for Hereditary Ataxias.” We were all very impressed that he came out and presented on his birthday.

Dr. Henry Paulson flew in from the University of Iowa as our special guest this year. His presentation changed from what was originally thought to “What is RNA interference? And what’s up with it?  As it turns out they have been able to stop progression of SCA1 in mice.

The doctors assemble for the Question & Answer period.

Dr. Steven Nowicki tenders one of the questions asked by the crowd in written form and read by Dr. Ivry.


We at ACARM3 would like to thank all of Doctors participating and giving of there time freely, not to mention the type of research they do!